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“Everything started as nothing.”

Everything started as nothing. – Ben Weissenstein, founder and CEO, The Entitled Group

Everything started as nothing and, today, I have set out to start my own marketing company.

I have to say I’m equal parts excited and scared – I know this new adventure will be a challenge as I navigate the ropes of entrepreneurship but, with that, I know it will be a fantastic learning experience.

My network has been incredible throughout my transition, guiding me with advice, validating my progress and providing referrals for new business. I’m truly lucky to be surrounded by such generous, intelligent and supportive people.

Thank you to everyone who helped me get to this point, and to everyone who continues to support me as I grow my business, especially my husband Bryan who encourages me to follow my dreams (and gives me free accounting advice!) and my parents who instilled an entrepreneurial spirit in me through their own endeavors. I also want to extend a special thank you to Maren Hogan, Katie Poplin, Julian Williams, Salar Salahshoor, Nick Ellis and Jon Guidi for their invaluable advice and guidance. I am forever in your debt.

In addition to growing my own business, I look forward to helping my startup clients do the same. Everything started as nothing, and it’s oh-so-exciting to be a part of something promising.